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1962-63 table

The Parthenon League began in 1951, with an 11-club membership. Nine of the teams had played in the Middlesex Senior League during the previous season and the origins of the new competition appear to have been prompted by the desire to widen the geographical area from which clubs came. The number of clubs taking part in the Parthenon League varied during its early years, rising to 16 for the 1954-1955 season before falling back, then growing again for the last-but-one campaign. The turn-over of clubs playing in the Parthenon League was substantial. Only 3 clubs (Crown & Manor, Kingsbury Town and Rayners Lane) played in all eight seasons.

The second (and final) ‘phase’ of the Parthenon League saw regular changes in membership for which there isn’t really space to cover. After operating as a 12-club, single section competition 1959-1960, the League had two divisions for the rest of its existence. From 1960-61 to 1965-66 the top flight was called the Premier Division, with the second tier known as Division 1. Probably as a result of the Division 1 being made up largely of reserve teams, the tables have proved impossible to trace, but it is known that Walls were runners-up 1962-63, Brent Green won the section 1964-65 and 1965-66 and Green Vale finished second in 1965 and fifth in 1966.

By 1964, when only nine clubs completed the campaign, the Parthenon League seemed to lack the viability to continue. Although Wandsworth and Wapping Sports teams left, there was a substantial influx of new members and the 1964-65 season saw all 15 teams complete their programmes. Despite the apparent healthy state of the competition, however, 1965-66 proved to be its final season of the Parthenon League, which went back to being the Middlesex League.

Back row  Bill Gunner  George Male  Phil Smith  Ginger Rose  Bryan Smithers  John Tupp  Eric Vincent (Manager)
Front row  Pat Baker  Ken Worton  Pete Vincant  Chunky Harvey  Jimmy Harding    

Published Thursday 28th November 2019