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Fixture Suspension - more information

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More information from the Isthmian League

A new statement from the Board of the Isthmian League

Following the suspension of fixtures yesterday the Board of Directors of the League met by video conference at lunchtime today.

There is little doubt that the decision made to suspend was the most critical decision made by this League since the fixtures were suspended in September 1939.

The consensus of opinion is that the decision to suspend was the right one and it will be more difficult to rule whether or not the season can be continued. Such a decision has to be taken in the light of all existing information.

The Football Association has convened a conference call for 4pm on Monday to review the events of the weekend and the Government has indicated that it will announce whether to postpone gatherings early next week.

The Board will therefore convene at 6pm on Monday to decide what date to put on the suspension so that Clubs have a clear view of what is happening and can make plans themselves.

In the meantime, no decisions are being made about the League, about play off matches or promotion and relegation. There is no information at present about financial support from either The FA or Government, but these are all ongoing concerns which we continue to voice. The only matter which is clear at present is that contract players need to be paid, unless those players agree not to be paid

There is no ban on non-competitive matches, but Clubs are asked to bear in mind all facts before making any decisions about the holding of any events.

It is a matter of regret that we are unable to be more positive at present, but the greater majority of Clubs have indicated their understanding of the Board’s position. One or two responses have been less helpful than others and all that can be said is that as soon as rational decisions can be made the Board will make those decisions, however difficult they are

In the meantime, the Board hope that all connected with the League remain in good health.

Nick Robinson
Isthmian Football League

Published Sunday 15th March 2020